DOXA emerged in 2018 as a media outlet covering the pressure universities and the state were putting on students in Russia. Since then, we have become one of Russia’s largest independent media outlets covering injustice, dictatorship, and the climate crisis.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, we continued to call things by their proper names. We covered the war, its atrocities and the anti-war protests. This came at a price: our site has been blocked since spring 2022, and in the fall members of parliament demanded to declare us extremist. We stopped accepting donations in rubles to ensure the safety of our readers, but this seriously hit our finances.

This was not the first time we encountered Russian justice: in 2021, four of our editors spent a year under house arrest. They were then sentenced to 3 years of forced labor for participating in a video in support of students who were persecuted for participating in rallies in support of Alexey Navalny.

The Russian state is trying to silence us. It is afraid of us, afraid of our readers-but we will not stop. We will continue to give voice to Russia’s politically active youth, we will continue to support the progressive movement that wants freedom and democracy in Russia. We need your support. Help Russian journalists and activists build the free Russia of tomorrow by giving us a donation.

Putin’s regime is a threat to our freedom. Let’s fight it together.